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A dog is a constant companion of man since time immemorial. The dog also understands the feeling and mood of the owner and stands by the owner at all times. The services of the dog veterinarians in Delhi help owners to get medical and non-medical services for the favorite pet for keeping the pet healthy and vaccinated. The comprehensive services are provided under the same roof by experts with years of experience behind them.
The experienced dog Veterinarians in Sainik farm Delhi provide the comprehensive pet services. These veterinarians operate from the farms pet clinic, which is equipped with one of the finest medical infrastructures for the treatment of dogs.

The clinic has the facilities to give the best dental treatment, soft tissue surgery, endoscopy, laparoscopy, orthopedic surgeries, biopsy, blood testing and X-ray facilities to the owners of the dogs. The use of Doppler ultrasound ensures that an effective and immediate treatment can be provided to the pets. The clinic can be approached for any medical emergency of the pet.
In addition to the medical services and surgeries, the dog veterinarians in Sainik farm Delhi have the facilities to give de-worming, anti-parasite, medicated washes, treatment for pregnant pets, heartworm preventing treatment and lactating pets. The veterinarians of the pet clinic Sainik farm, Delhi also do the blood testing blood collection, and transfusion facilities according to the pet need. The owner can also get the behavioral and hormonal related disorders and diseases treated by the experienced veterinarian.
The owners of the dogs often contact the clinic of dog veterinarians for tooth extraction, scale brushing and polishing of dog. Any kind of phobia, aggression nervousness and depression cases are also treated by the dog veterinarians. The pet with healthy and germs free skin is loved by all in the family and to get the healthy pet, the dermatology services of the farms pet clinic are necessary. The skin related medical care is provided after microscopic examination of skin scrapings. The dogs are also treated for skin allergies, bacteria growth, fungi, parasitic, protozoan and mixed infection.

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Farms Pet Clinic stands by its name for serving the ailing pets. The clinic is established to serve the animals in best possible way.

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24 x 7 emergency facility is available at Farms Pet Clinic in Shop No H-183, Lane No. W-13, Westen Avenue, Sainik Farms, Delhi - 110062.

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