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Pets need care and vaccination services to enable the family members to give unconditional love and embrace the pet without hesitation. The pet care is provided by the pet clinic equipped to deal with all sorts of medical, emotional and vaccination problems of the pets.
As one of the best pet clinics in New Delhi, we have the medical infrastructure to provide advanced treatment methods, pet health monitoring services, diagnostic services, digital X-ray, and surgical and medical services under the same roof. The services are provided by the pet doctor with years of experience behind him. The services of the pet clinic also include digital X-ray machines, biopsy, blood testing, endoscopy, and laparoscopy. The vaccination and regular health check are also part of the service that an owner can take from the pet clinic in New Delhi. The facilities of the dental surgery, soft tissue surgery, and orthopedic surgery are also available at the clinic. The treatment is done after proper use of local or general anesthesia to prevent any discomfort to the pet. Throughout the treatment at the clinic, the condition of the pets is constantly monitored by the doctors. The pet owners can also contact the clinic for dental treatment of the pet.

The clinic has maintained a world-class hygienic and sterilized environment in all parts of the clinic. The smaller pets have separate cabins and treatment chambers, which ensures that big pets will not disturb or threaten the small pets. The separate place is created for owners to wait during the treatment of their pets.
Besides medical facilities, one of the best pet clinics in New Delhi , also gives vaccination and cleaning services to the pets. The cleaning services are provided by the use of latest pet products such as shampoos, worm preventives, sprays, skin infection treatment products, etc. Owners can contact the pet clinic, for core and non-core vaccination services. The suggestion on the pet diet in various seasons, pet diet after recovering and any queries on the pets are also provided to the owners by the pet doctors of the clinic. The services of the pet clinic ensure that pets are medically fit and free from any infection and remain healthy during all seasons.

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Farms Pet Clinic stands by its name for serving the ailing pets. The clinic is established to serve the animals in best possible way.

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24 x 7 emergency facility is available at Farms Pet Clinic in Shop No H-183, Lane No. W-13, Westen Avenue, Sainik Farms, Delhi - 110062.

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